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The 3 Best Peloton Alternatives

The world may be getting closer to normal, but that doesn’t mean we have to abandon everything from our socially-distanced lifestyles. Zoom meetings, working from home, and our new baking skills probably aren’t going anywhere. Simply put, we have changed for good, and...

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About Home Cyclists

Home Cyclists was founded by bike enthusiasts who at one point thought the “home spin bike” craze would pass. But after an injury left one of the founders unable to ride their road bike, she saw the light and the whole team joined her in this journey.

Now, the aim of Home Cyclists is to take the guess work out of buying your next home spin bike or bike trainer. We offer trusted reviews of dozens of products and take pride in our independence.



Whether you’re just kicking the (hard metal) tires of the different home spin bike options or if you’re almost ready to make your choice, the team here at Home Cyclists have done all the legwork necessary to make a sound choice. Whether you’re looking for a home spin bike or the best bike trainer, our reviews will help you analyze the pros and cons of each brand and option.

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