67% of Studio Cyclists Say They Won’t Feel Safe in Classes This Year

Photo credit: Health.com

The gym and studio workout industry has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, with limitations on how many people are allowed to congregate indoors.

On top of which, many people simply don’t feel comfortable with in-person workout classes, and the majority report they likely won’t feel comfortable this year.

The Home Cyclists team took a survey of 1,051 people who reported regular SPIN class or similar studio cycling class attendance in the last year and found that 67.4% of them said they won’t feel comfortable returning to a studio through all of 2021.

Survey data:

  • Of the 1,051 people surveyed, 67.4% said they won’t feel safe taking a studio cycling class through the remainder of the year.
  • 11.5% of respondents said they weren’t concerned with safety currently, feeling that classes were safe.
  • 21.1% of people responded that they weren’t sure or wanted to wait and see what happens with the vaccine.

While many people are looking to get back to the gym at some point, it doesn’t look like there will be similar crowds at many gyms through the remainder of 2021. While plans for the vaccine to be widely distributed by mid-2021, people’s tones might change when this is complete, but at least for the time being it doesn’t seem likely to see any major consumer shifts.

While in general, there is probably a likelihood that someone with symptoms wouldn’t feel healthy enough to go to the gym, which might limit spread, but this doesn’t tackle the problem of the asymptomatic carriers.

As reported in Health.com, a recent studio cycling class had an outbreak caused by one patron, who didn’t have any symptoms, spreading it to several other people during the same session. AJC reported that gyms were listed as one of the main public gathering places for small outbreaks, alongside restaurants and cafes.

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