Cyclace Exercise Bike Review

Cyclace exercise bike quick review

Overall: Comfort, style, and portability make the Cyclace exercise bike a no-brainer for anyone interested in the an entry level exercise bike at an affordable price. While many sub-$500 exercise bikes lack bells and whistles, the Cyclace offers plenty of great functionality.

Build quality★★★☆☆
Comfort and fit★★★★☆
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Cyclace bike review highlights:

Are Cyclace exercise bikes any good?

  • SIZE: The Cyclace is one of the sub-$500 bikes with the best footprint, meaning you can fit it into almost any space in your home and not have to worry about it taking up half the room.
  • STURDINESS: Many users are surprised to find such a durable build quality in a bike that costs them about 1/5th of the big brand names.
  • FUNCTION: The Cyclace exercise bike comes with a lot of fun functionality like drop bars, a stand for your tablet or phone, a place to put weights, and tons of adjustability.

Cyclace bike review lowlights:

  • SIZE RESTRICTIONS: The super tall and the super short among us will have a hard time making a compact exercise bike like this fit their body types. Better to look for a bike with a wider range of fits.
  • NO INSTRUCTIONS: You’re going to get this bike out of the box and that’s about it. No instructions on set up or fitting the bike. Most people don’t seem to care about this, but it’s worth noting.
  • DURABILITY: It’s hard to expect an exercise bike under $500 will stand the test of time as long as some other more expensive and larger brands, but some consumers have complained that wear and tear on this bike starts to show up in the first year.

Other notes:

  • The Cyclace bike has a spot for your iPad or other tablet right in the cockpit which is great but…
  • It’s not compatible with PELOTON or Zwift apps without some light hacking.

“One of the better exercise bikes under $500, with lots of expanded functionality for both entry-level and more intermediate riders.”

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While we can see you staring at those $2,500 dollar home studio exercise bikes and drooling, you’re also probably reading this review because you don’t want to spend that much money for your workout equipment.

Of course more expensive exercise bikes can offer a ton more functionality or features, the Cyclace exercise bike is one of the better options for those looking to get started with home SPIN classes or who are looking for an alternative to Peloton or NordicTrac exercise bikes.

A few things to note are that the Cyclace doesn’t have a very heavy flywheel (coming in at under 40 pounds). Most entry level and intermediate riders probably won’t care or notice a difference, but that is one of the main things that this bike doesn’t have that some others in the same price category do have.

Overall, though the Cyclace does come with a lot of bonus features not often found in bikes in this price category, aligning more with bikes in the $500-700 range.

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Cyclace manufacturer specs

  • 36 lbs flywheel stationary bike creates a smooth ride
  • 4-ways adjustable seat, 2-way adjustable multi-grip handlebar
  • Extended seat support post, for 5.1-6.5ft people
  • Ergonomic resistance handle
  • Holes on the chain to help displace heat.
  • iPad holder, multi-function monitor and bottle holder in the cockpit
  • Inseam height: 28-39 inch

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