DMASUN Exercise Bike Review

DMASUN indoor studio exercise bike quick review

Overall: For the price, it’s hard to argue with the durability of this absolute tank of an exercise bike. The DMASUN doesn’t flash much interesting functionality, but if you’re looking for a reliable starter studio exercise bike, this indoor spin machine will do the job.

Build quality★★★★☆
Comfort and fit★★☆☆☆
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DMASUN spin bike review highlights:

Are DMASUN exercise bikes any good?

  • DURABILITY: There are bikes that feel cheap in this price range, but the DMASUN feels like it could stand the test of time. According to the manufacturer they beat these things up to make sure they actually last longer than the similarly priced competition.
  • PRICE: Hard to argue with a studio exercise bike priced below $400 from most major retailers. This is a great starter bike that you’ll be able to carry into more intermediate and even some advanced workouts at a price that is going to save you thousands of dollars compared to other name brands.
  • ADJUSTABILITY: This bike is one of the few home exercise bikes that we’ve seen that offers dropper handlebars to give you the feel of a real road bike. On top of that the seat and handlebars offer a nice range of adjustments allowing for all types of bodies.

DMASUN studio bike review lowlights:

  • LACK OF COMFORT: We have heard from a number of users that the DMASUN isn’t the most comfortable home exercise bike available in this price range. If that’s important to you, consider other options.
  • CHEAP LCD COMPUTER: While many other parts of the bike feel rock solid, the little LCD computer at the top isn’t doing it for us. It looks cheap and we’re not confident it’ll last as long as the bike itself does.
  • MAINTAINCE REQUIRED: While not true for everyone, some users have mentioned to us that you have to keep this thing greased or some parts will squeak. This isn’t the end of the world as some maintainece should always be expected with home exercise equipment, but definitely worth noting.

Other notes:

  • The bike comes with a great tablet/phone holder, making it easier to watch classes on your favorite studio class service.
  • The bike is NOT going to directly connect with any of these apps like the Peloton app or ZWIFT, so keep that in mind.

“An intermediate exercise bike at an entry level price, the DMASUN is a great way to get studio class-like rides going in your daily routine.”

Sure, you can easily spend $2,000-2,500 on an exercise bike and get a way better experience. But if you’d like to spend less than $500, the DMASUN is definitely a great option.

One of the things we can’t stop singing the praises of is the innovative handlebar design, with both SPIN-like bars mixed with drop bars that allow for the feel of a road ride right in your living room.

The DMASUN features a belt drive as well, meaning noise won’t be a major issue while you pump those legs. For anyone that’s used a non-belt drive exercise bike, you’ll know why this is an almost required feature on modern studio bikes for the home.

While parts of the bike feel cheap (the LCD screen needs an update), for the most part the DMASUN looks and feels like one of the most durable bikes in the $300-$500 price range.

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DMASUN manufacturer specs

DMASUN exercise bikes are decked out with a heavy flywheel, LCD monitor and water bottle holder. multiple handlebar options and a big seat cushion to provide cyclists a comfortable ride. Transportation wheels make it easy to move. Maximum user weight: 330 lbs.

  • Heavy steel frame and smooth quiet belt transfer
  • 40lbs flywheel and anti-skid cage pedal
  • LCD monitor and iPad holder
  • Inside length: 30″Min – 45″ Max
  • Maximum user weight: 330 lbs
  • 4 ways adjustable seat, adjustable multi-grips handlebar, Comfortable Seat Cushion

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