Echelon EX Series Exercise Bike Review

Echelon EX series (EX-15, EX3, EX5, EX5-S, EX-7S) exercise bike reviews

Overall: In a world dominated by Peloton, Echelon is putting its best competitive foot (or pedal) forward with the EX series. A line if studio exercise bikes for almost any type of SPIN class rider, the Echelon EX line will have a bike to match any of your demands at a far superior price point than Peloton or NordicTrack.

Build quality★★★★☆
Comfort and fit★★★★☆
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Echelon EX series review highlights:

Is the Echelon EX series any good?

  • Options: While most of the major brands in the $1,000+ price range have one or two different models, the Echelon EX has five different models to match your desired features and price point.
  • Build Quality: Bikes in the $500 price range feel cheap, bikes above $2,000 feel overpriced. The Echelon EX doesn’t suffer from either of these ailments, with a great build quality but at a much more modest price range in the low $1,000s for most of their models.
  • Affordable Subscription: Not to keep harping on price here, but the Echelon ecosystem offers subscriptions around $20 to start, meaning you’re paying about half the monthly cost as other major brand class subscriptions. This adds up over time, trust us.

Echelon EX studio bike review lowlights:

  • Buggy Software: Many users report that the software that runs on the included tablet on some models is clunky and sometimes hard to sync. This can be incredibly frustrating when in comparison with the much cleaner UX of more expensive bikes.
  • Seat Issues: Some people have complained that the seat on this bike is not only uncomfortable but can break. The general consensus is that getting a replacement part isn’t hard as Echelon’s service is reportedly great, but this is something they should prioritize fixing.
  • The Cheap Becomes Expensive: While the EX-15 might sound nice because of its low price point, for anyone who spends any time looking at upgrades through the EX3, EX5, EX7 models and more will easily see why it’s worth spending closer to $1,000 for this bike and not buy the introductory model at $500 or so.

Other Echelon review notes:

  • Models that include a screen: EX5, EX5-S, EX-7S
  • Models that do not include a screen: EX-3, EX-15
  • The bike can come in three colors: black, white, red, meaning you can pick the color that best matches the room where you’ll ride.
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“A great competitor to the Peloton and NordicTrack with an irresistible price point for most consumers.”

While the title fight might still be between the NordicTrack and the Peloton for king of the ring, the Echelon EX series is starting to make a name for itself.

The best part about the EX series is how many different models they offer to match budget and desired features. Their stable of bikes has something for everyone, so if you’re on the hunt for a simple but sturdy exercise bike, the EX3 might be the perfect fit. If you’re looking for more technology with bells and whistles, consider the EX5-S or EX7-S.

If we wanted to make sure we flagged one thing that we home Echelon works on in the future is their software quality. Consumers report a handful of bugs between the bike and the app/software running things like classes and data collection. The good news here is that this is something they can fix through updates, and won’t require a total overhaul on the design of the bike itself.

All things considered, for those people looking to make sure they buy a high quality bike but don’t want to spend $2,000+ for one, the Echelon EX series is the place to start.

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Echelon EX series manufacturing specs

  • Handlebar mounted 180 degree rotating console let’s you incorporate off bike exercises – 6” lever makes it easy to adjust the seat position fit any body – Fully adjustable toe cages on the pedals for a secure fit – Extra-large cushioned seat offers comfortable riding – Powder-coat frame for resistance to scratches – Padded handlebars are slip-resistant.
  • With a membership you get live and on-demand classes for beginning to advanced riders ranging from 5-45 minutes long. Choose from endurance, climbing, HIIT, scenic rides and many others from our world class instructors. 
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We fully stand behind our product. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our quality or your experience, you are covered for the first 30 days with our satisfaction guaranteed policy and 5-star customer service. 
  • 52.36 x 19.88 x 54.92 inches
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Material: steel
  • 32 resistance levels

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