JOROTO Indoor Cycling Bike Review (Belt Drive)

JOROTO Studio Bike Quick Review

Overall: The JOROTO is a perfect entry-level stationary bike for people looking to try SPIN class-like workouts at home without breaking the bank or buying a piece of junk. The JOROTO build quality shines in comparison to other sub-$500 bikes, especially with the belt drive, which keeps things quiet.

Build quality★★★★☆
Comfort and fit★★★★☆
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JOROTO review highlights:

Are JOROTO exercise bikes any good?

  • QUIET: It’s rare to get a belt drive at a super affordable price. The most common thing people say about this bike when they’re talking about what they love is the belt drive. This keeps things super quiet, meaning you can keep the bike anywhere in the house without driving everyone else crazy (unless you’re loud while you ride…).
  • GREAT PRICE: The JOROTO is probably one of the best sub-$500 dollar studio bikes you can buy. The build quality is great, and of all the entry level bikes, this feels like one of the least likely to break apart while you’re pumping watts.
  • SMOOTH: A lot of the cheaper exercise bikes have a certain feel to them, like something is always off. The JOROTO doesn’t have that at all, giving you a much smoother ride comparatively.

JOROTA review lowlights:

  • NOT FOR TALL AND SHORT PEOPLE: While most people will be fine if they’re within range of average height, for those of above 6’4″ and below 5’2″ you might want to shop for a different bike. This is generally true of most entry-level price points though, so you might be stuck paying a bit more in order to find a bike that DOES fit.
  • CHEAP COMPONENTS: While this isn’t a huge problem for most people, some of the smaller stuff on the bike (like the pedals) feel pretty cheap. The bike itself is pretty solid.
  • WEAR AND TEAR: One downside of a belt drive (while few and far between) is that they tend to wear down with moderate to heavy use. This bike’s drivetrain does seem to wear down faster than more expensive options.

Other notes:

  • The JOROTO isn’t currently compatible with the major apps (Peloton, Zwift, etc), but most bikes in this price range are not.
  • It DOES have a nice stand for tablets and phones though, so you can at least watch something while you whoop your butt into shape.

“The JOROTO is one of the most affordable belt drive studio bikes available. Great price point for a nice and QUIET exercise bike for your home.”

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Hard to argue with a sub-$500 dollar belt drive that promises to stay quiet while you drop some serious wattage. This is probably one of the smoothest rides of the price category, and while other bikes get their prices a little lower by cutting corners, the JOROTO offers enough functionality and build quality improvements over the competition to make it worth it for most people to pay a bit more.

Outside of the belt drive though, the JOROTO exercise bike isn’t offering a *ton* of extras, and mostly keeps things pretty simple, especially outside of non-critical components.

While the bike offers plenty of adjustability, that really only applies to people within a certain range of heights and weights. The tallest and shortest among us should look elsewhere. This is pretty common among many of the less expensive bikes though, so probably not surprising to anyone reading this.

While this can be hit-or-miss for everyone, most people have mentioned that the JOROTO customer service team are fairly responsive, especially in comparison to many other less expensive exercise bike companies that 100% disappear after your bike arrives.

That being said, if you’re price sensitive but really have lasered in on a belt drive, the JOROTO is going to be just fine when it comes to meeting your studio SPIN class exercise goals.

JOROTO manufacturer specs

  • Maximum User Weight: 280 lbs
  • Net Weight: 94 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 108 lbs
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt Drive
  • Resistance System: Magnetic (with 7 magnets)
  • Digital Monitor: Yes
  • Foot Pedal Style: Caged
  • Seat Size: 10.6 L* 8.3 W* 4.3H inches
  • Handlebar Upturned Angel: 18 degree
  • Product Dimensions: 42.9L * 19.7W * 42.5H inches
  • Package included: X2 Indoor Cycling Bike; Instruction; Installation tools
  • 1- year parts warranty

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