NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle Review S15i/S22i

NordicTrack home exercise bike quick review

Overall: While everyone claims some sort of comparison to the “you-know-what” brand of exercise bikes, the NordicTrack home exercise bike is your best bet for a less expensive but reliable competitor.

Build quality★★★★★
Comfort and fit★★★★★
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NordicTrack studio bike review highlights:

Is the NordicTrack commercial exercise bike S15i or S22i any good?

  • Functionality: You’ll forgive us for raving about how many amazing features the NordicTrack S15i and S22i include for a studio exercise bike under $2,000. A massive screen, incline and decline technology, a built-in fan, magnetic resistance, an included year of classes… the list goes on.
  • Quality: Anyone who claims to be a Peloton replacement knows they’re battling a high quality build that’s hard to match at a lower price. But the NordicTrack S15i and S22i both stand up to the challenge, saving you money without sacrificing build quality.
  • Free Classes for a Year: As anyone with a you-know-what can complain about, the monthly subscription seems like a ton given how much you’re already paying for the bike. NordicTrack gives every buyer a FREE year of classes to give them all a… spin… (sorry).

NordicTrack exercise bike review lowlights:

  • Class Quality: We’ve heard from a number of users that the class quality isn’t quite as tight as the major competitor in this space. We’re willing to bet this problem solves itself over time.
  • Cost: At the end of the day you’re still spending almost a mortgage payment in a major city for an exercise bike. The quality is there to justify it, but you can definitely buy good bikes for half the price.
  • Computer Interface: Another thing we hear a lot is that this isn’t as sharp of a screen when it comes to both user interface and quality.

Other notes:

  • Besides just screen size, it’s important to note that the S22i offers two additional resistance levels in comparison to the S15i. Nothing majorly noticeable, but some people want to pay the additional amount to add this functionality to their bike.
  • The bike is extremely easy to assemble. Someone with average handiness will have this thing up and running in 5-15 minutes.
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“If you’re looking for an alternative to the Peloton, The NordicTrack S15i or S22i is a great place to start.”

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And here we go, let the games begin.

When the Peloton came out, it’d be easy to say market sentiment toward such an expensive and feature-heavy exercise bike was hesitant. But through sheer brute force and will, the high-end studio bike is now a piece of home exercise equipment, leading competitors like NordicTrack to enter the game.

With the launch of their S15i and S22i series, NordicTrack is showing consumers they’re ready to play, with a ton of great and unique functionality without anything cheesy. The on-board fan, the wide range of adjustability, the resistance functionality, and a free year of classes through their service are all great offerings and will surely push Peloton and other high end spin bikes to think about similar features.

While there are places where it’s obvious the S15i and S22i aren’t Peloton, it would probably be lost on most consumers who opt instead for the NordicTrack, who won’t know any different after they make their purchase.

The real winners here though, will be consumers, who will have plenty of competition to choose from in the coming years as mainstays in the personal fitness world fight to bring the best experience to the home studio bike market.

We highly recommend any consumer looking at a premium studio exercise bike consider the NordicTrack.

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Manufacturing specs for the S22i and S15i

  • Bring Home Interactive Personal Training powered by iFit; 12-month iFit family membership included; create up to 5 individual exercise profiles; Access live, studio, and global workouts ($396 value).
  • 350-pound user weight capacity; Protected with a 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 1-year labor warranty
  • 59” H x 22” W x 60” L.
  • 15 (S15i) and 22 (S22i) inches Interactive HD Touchscreen Display streams on-demand iFit workouts directly to your equipment and provides easy stats tracking; Adjustable display mount allows for 360-degree screen rotation.
  • Automatic Trainer Control; -10 to 20 percent LIVE Incline Matching technology; 24 digital resistance levels for complete workout control; iFit Trainers auto-adjust your resistance and incline.
  • SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance delivers a smooth, quiet workout with every use; Adjustable leveling feet stabilize your bike; (2) 3 Lb. dumbbells for cross-training on your bike.

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