Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Sunny Health and Fitness Exercise Bike Quick Review:

Overall: One of the best sub-$600 studio exercise bikes you can buy, the Sunny  SF-B1805 fits most budgets while not skimping nearly as much on build quality as some bikes you might find for 100-200 dollars less. Many people recommend spending a tad more cash in order to get the better build.

Build quality★★★★☆
Comfort and fit★★★☆☆
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Sunny Exercise Bike Quick Review:

Are Sunny exercise bikes any good?

  • BUILD QUALITY: The Sunny Health & Fitness exercise bike is on the higher end of the affordable studio bike price ranges but because of its higher price point, able to produce a much better quality when it comes to components. The frame, flywheel and other things like handlebars and adjustable mechanics feel much better than cheaper options.
  • APPEARANCE: Unlike other sub-$600 dollar exercise bikes, the Sunny actually puts some thought into appearance. The sleek black frame and stainless steel flywheel look good in the living room. While of course you could pay thousands for a high end bike that looks a little better, he Sunny isn’t embarrassing like other cheaper bikes.
  • AFFORDABLE: We’ve seen $1,000 bikes that aren’t as nice as the Sunny Health and Fitness build, so you’re saving $400 right off the bat for a bike just as good as those in the mid-ranged price point. We don’t want to call this bike “cheap” per se, but it feels like a deal.

Sunny Exercise Bike Lowlights:

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: It’s hard to expect perfect customer service on a bike that doesn’t cost the same as a monthly mortgage payment, but some people have complained to us that when things go wrong with the Sunny Exercise Bike, it’s hard to get anyone on the phone to help.
  • LONGEVITY: This bike probably still qualifies as a starter bike, meaning it’s likely going to be a gateway for some into eventually buying a more expensive spin bike. Some users have complained that the bike didn’t last very long, with parts wearing down faster then they might expect.
  • COMFORT: It’s hard to place this bike but it probably falls somewhere between beginner and intermediate. Unfortunately, comfort is something people have said this bike does not have.

Other review notes:

  • The Sunny is tablet compatible on the handle bars, meaning you can attach a phone or tablet for watching videos, YouTube spin classes, etc.
  • While some users complain that the overall durability of this bike might be questionable, most find there to be little to no maintainece.
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“Sleek and affordable, two words that rarely fit in the same review of an exercise bike. The Sunny Health and Fitness exercise bike breaks the mold of what most people think of when it comes to entry level studio bike.”

If you’re wondering if this bike is an entry level bike or more of an intermediate bike, the answer is: Yes.

It’s honestly a bit of both, with a pricepoint that many people might consider somewhere in-between (not quite below $500, not above $1,000), but it has its place right in the middle.

The bike has a lot going for it, including a 44 lbs flywheel, plenty of adjustable functionality to make it work for most body types, a built-in tablet and phone holder, water bottle cages, and the option to put your own pedals on the bike.

One thing you’re getting out of the Sunny Fitness SF-B1805 that you’re not getting out of other entry level-priced bikes is a durable steel frame. While this might make it harder to set up and move where you want it, you know you’re not going to snap the thing in half while you’re cranking 400 watts in one minute intervals.

The bike can support up to 300 pounds, and can easily be moved (once it’s set up) with the transportation wheels on the front of the frame.

Some users who don’t want to spend $2,000+ on an exercise bike say this is the perfect option in the “affordable” range if you’re looking for a Peloton alternative. While it’s not going to have nearly all the bells and whistles, you can buy four of these for about the same price.

Lastly, while this doesn’t matter to everyone, especially those people who are just going to set their bike up in the garage and call it a day, the Sunny studio bike has a clean aesthetic that we really appreciate. This bike isn’t an embarrassment to have in a public part of your house.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 manufacturing specs

Push yourself to become stronger, faster, and better with the SF-B1805 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike. Experience a high intensity cardio workout with the cycling bicycle that supports multi-hand grips and high-interval training. The magnetic resistance creates an unbelievably smooth and nearly silent ride helping you achieve a better cardio and metabolic fitness routine. Maximize your physical fitness routine with the SF-B1805 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike by Sunny Health and Fitness.

  • Device holder allows you to easily follow along to your favorite workout videos
  • 4-way adjustable seat/handlebars; Inseam: Max 38 – Min 28 in
  • Steel toe-cage pedals designed w/ adjustable straps to secure feet in place
  • Transportation wheels for easy portability
  • Smooth magnetic resistance system
  • Frame supports up to 300 lb user weight limit
  • 44 lb Flywheel
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