TRYA Indoor Exercise Bike Review

TRYA Studio Bike Quick Review:

Overall: An affordable bike at an unbeatable price. While we wish the build quality was a little better, the newest model has made some great improvements. A great starter bike for those looking to dip their toes into home SPIN classes.

Build quality★★★☆☆
Comfort and fit★★☆☆☆
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TRYA review highlights:

Are TRYA stationary bikes good?

  • PRICE: TRYA is almost always available for under $300 depending on which retailer you’re shopping from, and is readily available from major ecommerce stores like Amazon (check today’s price).
  • EASY TO SET UP: Unlike other bikes in the sub-$500 range that don’t come with white glove service to set it up (like the major stationary bike manufacturers), the TRYA is one of the easiest to pull out of the box and get built to get you spinning within an hour of delivery.
  • SMOOTH: Ask anyone who has a TRYA and one of the first things they’ll tell you about the bike is that it rides smooth in comparison with others in the sub-$500 range. This is definitely not something people think about too much on the first few rides, but definitely can be important with more use.

TRYA review lowlights:

  • NOT FOR TALL/SHORT PEOPLE: Anyone outside of a standard deviation of average heights is going to have a tough time finding a good fit with the TRYA stationary bike. While that means most people will be fine, if you’re shorter than about 5’2″ or taller than 6’3″, this might not be the bike for you.
  • BUILD QUALITY: While this one is going to vary depending on the bike that shows up at your door, some users have complained about the TRYA breaking down days and weeks into use.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: With the above in mind, many users have complained that getting ahold of anyone at TRYA to take care of warranty or return issues has been a bit of a hassle.

Other notes:

  • This bike has a heartrate monitor, but some users have complained about its accuracy. Still a nice feature.
  • The TRYA was updated in 2020, so many comments you might read online about this bike are potentially outdated. We specifically wrote the above regarding the 2020 version.

“Affordable and extremely easy to set up, the TRYA is great for someone looking to try out an at-home SPIN class for the first time.”

The first thing we’ll tell anyone thinking about the TRYA exercise bike is that it’s probably one of the best options for someone thinking about trying a SPIN class at home, but not wanting to spend much money. It’s an affordable build, and extremely easy to set up and start riding (under 30 minutes or so with a few handy tools available).

What is important to note though is that because of a price that most commonly floats below $300, you’re not looking at the highest quality components. While this is important for the types of people who will be pushing the envelope of their PRs on more expensive bikes, for a first-time rider, it might not be as big of a deal. Some users familiar with the TRYA bike have said that it’s not uncommon for non-critical parts of this bike to break (the heartrate monitor, a plastic part somewhere on the bike), most say if the bike makes it a few months, you’ll be golden for a while.

It’s also probably worth mentioning again that this bike is absolutely not designed for the tall and short among us. Anyone below about 5’2″ or anyone above 6’4″ is going to be pretty uncomfortable on this bike as it’s adjustable components don’t really extend to those heights to accommodate.

If you’re price sensitive and not really sure what you’re looking for, then TRYA is a good place to start. If you’re a more advanced SPIN class veteran, then it might be worth looking elsewhere.

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This is our exercise bike for excellent and professional indoor cycling. It is perfect for body workout training, muscle building, weight loss, cellulite reduction, promoting blood circulation and metabolism. Heavy duty solid flywheel, adjustable resistance, effective calories consuming and durable frame are main four advantages of our exercise bike. Don’t hesitate to have one!

  • Ideal for indoor healthy and fitness exercising Durable frame
  • Color:Black & Gray
  • Upgraded Bottom SUPPORT BAR Frame
  • Multi-function Monitor with Heart Rate
  • Top-down, easy-to-use resistance system (felt brake pad)
  • Flywheel Weight: 35lbs; Weight Capacity: 330lbs; Unit Weight:71lbs
  • Whole Unit Dimension:39.4” x21” x 43” (L x W x H)
  • Adjustable Height of the saddle :31.9” -40.2”; Adjustable Height of the bar handle:42” -46”

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